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(Meridia's Guardian) Templar Tank build HoTR

Sorry I have not posted here in a while been focusing on the new changes and a few other things and have come back with my new Templar Tank Build Meridia's Guardian build. It is a Stamina templar tank built on the idea of more selfish play sorry but its a wood elf so has to be a little selfish.

Races to use for the build are: Nord, Orc, or Imperial and then you can use Ebony armor with it.

Gear 5 plague doctor, 5 kvatch's gladiator and 2 piece swarm mother all with stamina glyph's unless you want more health then go health glyph's. All 64 attribute points in stamina that has to stay for you to keep it going in its design.

Sword and shield must be nirn honed trait and the light belt and medium gloves must be nirn as well the 2 handed must be defending with weapon damage/spell damage glyph the sword and shield with crusher glyph. The 3 larger pieces helm, chest and legs must be infused with the shoulder and boots reinforced.

I would list the skills and cp but that is in the video below and must be followed no matter the race to keep the build working as designed.

This build can work in all content weather solo or group from 4 man to trials but better as an off tank build for design. With the races listed above you can run ebon armor in place of plague doctor but plague doctor give better results for health. As for the design to seem more DPS like it is and is not the high stam and weapon damage is to help with shields mostly and damage second so keep that in mind. The build also works for pvp with out any changes to gear or anything cause it uses the same shield stack as some magicka builds in pvp.

So here is the video and please remember this is not a main trial tank build but off tank build. Thank you all for watching and to all the other number crunchers out there for helping me larn more about the games design.

Sherman from Sherman's Gaming

Youtube content creator that is dedicated to the Casual and Roleplay community for News, Lets Talks, Guides, Help and character builds.

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