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Returning Player queries

Hi all,

I played during Beta, and original release, but took a long break from gaming over the last year or 2.

I had a level 50 Nightblade back when I was playing more (bow / daggers i believe)

Recently came back to game with Morrowind and started from scratch.
So much seems to have changed - and I understand this is due to Tamriel United ? (or however it is called)

Before if I was struggling with quests or difficult content, I could level up, come back and have an easier time of it, but now this seems to be a thing of the past - and I can understand why, and appreciate that - although it does seem frustrating still at times.

Just wanted to get some tips on an old returning player.

I have had an ongoing subscription since launch so I had a few Crowns to come back to (about 30-40k)
I started a new character to help relearn everything - Breton Sorcerer (have been using Destruction Staff, focusing mainly on Shock effect attacks)

I am level 20 (ish) and seem to have completed Morrowind story quest - i saved Vivec and the City

Is there any real direction I should be heading now?
There is still some undiscovered areas in Vvardenfel as far as i can tell from my achievements, but not sure where they are - as I can't exactly see on my map where I haven't explored.

I've been trying to work on Crafting (Clothing / Woodcrafting / Enchanting) but lacking a lot of Skill Points to get passive talents.

With the above, is there a comprehensive list of Must Have talents for what I'm aiming toward?
Passives / actives from the different trees?

There's so much info out there, that I'm feeling like im drowning without a lifeline or a compas.

Must appreciation for any information or direction.
  • dpencil1
    Wait on putting skill points into crafting until you have excess points.

    After Vvardenfell, head to any of the starter islands or first main zones of any alliance. You can follow each alliance quest all the way through its respective zones. Also accept the main story quest when you get to the mainland. Doing those things will put you on track toward completing the base game content.

    Or if you prefer another zone-specific storyline, go to Wrothgar next. It is probably the best DLC content released to date. You can hit Hew's Bane to join the Thieves Guild or The Gold Coast to join the Dark Brotherhood (good things to join if you like sneaking up behind npcs to pickpocket or murder them). Craglorn can be played through at any time as well, though you might save it for later as it is a little more challenging than some of the vanilla zones.

    Go visit some cities like Wayrest or Elden Root and say you're looking to join a guild in zone chat. Join a couple good guilds and they will help you through the process.

    Focus on these priorities for skill points:
    Active skills (1 from each line you care about), Morphs, Important class/weapon passives, Armor passives, other stuff
    Edited by dpencil1 on August 22, 2017 4:45AM
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