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Teleported into the game. Fast travel disabled. Where would you want to be dropped?

??^^^and why?
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  • AtraisMachina
    Jitterbug wrote: »

  • Jitterbug
    Jitterbug wrote: »


    Center of everything
  • ArchMikem
    Someone double posted.
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  • RavenSworn
    East March. Favourite zone in the game by far.
    Ingame: RavenSworn, Pc / NA.

    Of Wolf and Raven
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  • starkerealm
    Seyda Neen. It's where all this crazy **** started, 15 years ago. It's only appropriate that's where I'd end up stranded for all eternity. :p
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  • KeiruNicrom
    Orsinium. Post kurogs fall ofcourse
  • zaria
    Seyda Neen. It's where all this crazy **** started, 15 years ago. It's only appropriate that's where I'd end up stranded for all eternity. :p
    Not an bad starting place either, easy transport to Vivec too.
    Morrowind start is also less traumatizing than the main quest :)

    Vulkhel guard I think, not to dangerous around except the dolmen.
    Low level crafting writ delivery place, thief guild and easy transport to other major places.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
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  • Tryxus
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  • Zuboko
    ??^^^and why?

    Most anywhere but Cyrodil.
    That place is too stupidly big to even think about navigating.
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  • SydneyGrey
    Daggerfall. I love that city. Plus, it has a special place in my heart because my very first character was Daggerfall Covenant, and the first time I ever saw Daggerfall, I was amazed and thought it was wonderful.
  • Karmanorway
    DC Dark Elf Main : Original - Stamsorc - Former Empress AR: 37
    DC Wood Elf : A Widows Sorrow - Werewolf Stamina Nightblade AR: 32
    DC Dark Elf : Rolldodge this - Stamina Templar AR: 26
    DC Breton : Malvolda Iceheart -Vampire Magicka Warden AR: 22
    DC Redguard : Nadalyn - Stamina Warden AR: 27
    DC Dark Elf : Drillina Firedrake - Vampire Magicka Dragonknight AR: 28
    DC High Elf : Malvolda Darkheart - Vampire Magicka Nightblade AR: 24 (R.IP.)
    DC Breton : Malvolda Lightbringer - Vampire Magicka Templar AR: 48 (R.I.P.)
    DC Nord : Ragnar Widowmaker - Werewolf Stamina Dragonknight AR: 21 (R.I.P.)
    DC Imperial : Dark Widow - Vampre Hybrid Necromancer AR: 29 (R.I.P)

    CP: 1,3k
    Played 5 years - i should get a life...
  • Belyar
    Auridon, Vulkihel Guard. My favorit place in the whole game.
  • UrbanMonk
    Home sweet Home.

    Balance for the Sake of Balance is no Balance at all.
  • CrisXD
    Orsinium surrounded by pocket mammoths
    PS4 EU
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    GM - The Taverneers PS4 EU

    Feeling Fresh Traders PS4 EU
  • max_only
    Gold Coast.Beautiful and deadly. I love the Greco-Roman theme as well.
    Edited by max_only on August 8, 2017 3:24AM
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  • Cinbri
    In Ashland where no one will bother me.
  • Koensol
    Aldcroft. My favorite town in the game. Love the atmosphere there. Second choice wouls be somewhere in Rivenspire.
  • RupzSkooma
    Windhelm or Riften or Balmora or Seyda neen.
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