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[Suggestion] Improving mount/pet nameplates in houses

The collectibles UI has an option that allows us to change the names of our mounts and pets to anything we want. Until now (as far as I know), these names are only visible to the owners of the mounts/pets via the collectibles UI.

However, we can also place our mounts/pets in our houses, and the nameplates above their heads display rather boring names such as "Nibenay Mudcrab". I think it would be really cool if the nameplates for the mounts/pets placed in houses could be updated such that they displayed the names we chose for them above their heads :)

For example, rather than my kagouti being visible to everyone as just "Kagouti", I would like visitors to my house to see his real name, which is "Touti Frouti" :D So the nameplate above his head ought to read "Touti Frouti <Kagouti>".

This is a pretty minor suggestion, but I would really love to see it implemented to make our mounts and pets feel like they really belong to us :blush:
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  • Maryal
    I can understand owner-given pet names not displaying outside of our home, but surely something can be done so that they will display when at home. I wanna go home to see "Fido" (my Dwemer Theodolite), who, by the way, keeps a 'watchful eye' guarding the front door to my (our) home.
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