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[PC - NA] LF Weekend/Late Night PvX Guild

Hi folks,
recently returned to the game, and as such, because i'm a rusty and have been away for some time, I'm looking for a friendly group of adult players to get back into the swing of things with. My interests align with both PvE and PvP, and primarily play a Mag DK. Due to my time zone (Hawaii), as well as RL obligations, my playtime is limited to very late nights Mondays thru Thursdays, although I am largely available any time Friday through Sunday. As such, I'm hoping to find a guild that has a lot of activities going at these times, e.g., Dungeons, Trials, PvP, etc. Let me know if this fits your bill, and I'd be happy to chat further!
  • Stormrose
    Hello Najjynn! I'm also looking for a guild around the same time, I work nights but am free most weekends late at night. It seems we might play around the same time, so if you wanted to hit me up in game to chat or something my in game name is @Stormrose
  • monkey36948
    Hello I am the guild master of a normal trials guild we are running trials 9:30 your time we have discord and are running nSO tomorrow if you would like an invite say so in this chat I will check on it in the morning
  • Lotka
    If you're looking for a PVP guild LMK. This is ours. Right now, we're doing a lot of PVE on weekdays and PVP on weekends to get players to CP level 160 (I just like the money). We accept people from all factions however we play AD when in PVP.
    PC NA Server
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