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First Poll! How many houses do you have

  • Docmandu
    0 is missing from the poll... and that would be my answer too.
  • Asardes
    Only got the 3 free inn rooms. Never used them.
    Beta tester since February 2014, playing ESO-TU since October 2015
    vMA | vDSA | vAA HM | vHRC HM | vSO HM | vMoL | vAS+1
    EU PC CP 2000+
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    The Alchemist's Emporium: Friend
    Handelsgilde: Elite
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    Asardes | 50 Nord Dragonknight | EP AR 34 | Master Crafter: all traits, styles & recipes
    Alxaril Nelcarion | 50 High Elf Sorcerer | AD AR 18 |
    Dro'Bear Three-paws | 50 Khajiit Nightblade | AD AR 18 |
    Veronique Nicole | 50 Breton Templar | DC AR 18 |
    Sabina Flavia Cosades | 50 Imperial Warden | EP AR 18 |
    Ervesa Neloren | 50 Dark Elf Dragonknight | EP AR 18 |
    Fendar Khodwin | 50 Redguard Sorcerer | DC AR 18 |
    Surilanwe of Lillandril | 50 High Elf Nightblade | AD AR 15 |
    Joleen the Swift | 50 Redguard Templar | DC AR 15 |
    Draynor Telvanni | 50 Dark Elf Warden | EP AR 15 |

    Claudius Tharn | 50 Necromancer | DC AR 3 |
    Nazura-la the Bonedancer | 50 Necromancer | AD AR 3 |
    Tharkul gro-Shug | 50 Orc Dragonknight | DC AR 4 |
    Ushruka gra-Lhurgash | 50 Orc Sorcerer | AD AR 3 |
    Cienwen ferch Llywelyn | 50 Breton Nightblade | DC AR 3 |
    Plays-with-Sunray | 50 Argonian Templar | EP AR 3 |
    Milariel | 50 Wood Elf Warden | AD AR 3 |
    Scheei-Jul | 50 Necromancer | EP AR 3 |
  • emilyhyoyeon
    Something in between
    I have 4 houses, 7 including inns:
    small khajiit house (use for storage), medium khajiit house (main house), DC apartment, small argonian house
    AD inn room, DC inn room, EP inn room

    I'm probably going to get the small redguard house soon, but I'm not sure how I'm going to decorate it yet. I might make it into a little restaurant
    PC EU
  • Lieblingsjunge
    Oh, I didnt count the 3 Inn-rooms.

    With those I have 5.

    Bought Velothi Reverie & Forsaken Stronghold. One's got a... special basement and one's got too many cages. #DoghousesForPeople
    Ignorance is the greatest weapon of tyranny.
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    Fail-With-Tail(AD) - Healing Springs-spammer :<
    Tiny Liebs(EP) - Very Tiny. Also heals.
    Lieblingsmädchen(DC) - Magplar is love.
    The Dominàtrix(AD) - Chains, whip, whip, whip.
    Fluffy Furball Kitten(DC) - Kittycat, meow.
    Your Face(EP) - People make bad jokes about my name =(
    Liebs-With-Trees(AD) - Male argo with a big tail :>

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  • Enemoriana
    Something in between
    Seven. I have:
    • Mara's Kiss Inn Room - not used now, was a storage before;
    • The Rosy Lion - not used;
    • The Ebony Flask Inn Room - here lives my vampire dunmer, who like to drink and to dance like redguard. He loves Ebony Flask!
    • Saint Delyn Penthouse - here my warden has bed and not much more;
    • Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret - was room of my main character before he bought house. Decorated. Use mostly for free teleportation to Mournhold;
    • Sisters of the Sands Apartment - storage;
    • Strident Springs Demesne - main house for main character. Still decorating.

    I want to buy:
    • Cyrodilic Jungle House - for warden, when she'll make enough money herself;
    • Ald Velothi Harbor House - for recently created dunmer, he surely wants house on Vvardenfell;
    • Velothi Reverie - for vampire (he wants to live in Coldharbour, but I don't think we can afford it). It at least has basement!
    • Sleek Creek House - when I'll finish with main house and all other from this list; because I just like this place.
    • Humblemud - when I'll need more storage place (Zanil, you forses me to spend even more money!).
    Edited by Enemoriana on July 17, 2017 11:00AM
    PC EU
    Houses: Strident Springs Demesne, The Erstwhile Sanctuary. Everybody is welcomed! Here is video of Sanctuary.
    Last luxury furniture items are always placed in my Mournoth Keep ("decorator" default!) for a week or longer. Feel free to come and take a look yourself before spending money.

    Join Gift Exchange! And here is my wishlist.
  • Dracindo
    Something in between
    Since 3 is not an option.
    1. EP free room
    2. Autumn's Gate
    3. Forsaken Stronghold
  • oaflet
    1, only the free inn room. BUT

    I've visited all of them as a potential buyer. I've walked the site, checked out the neighborhood, considered the floor plans. I've imagined my furniture in them, and debated whether the prices are right. I'll keep contemplating my options until I decide which one is JUST right.

    Then I'll do it again for my alt. And alts 2, 3, 4...

    Why yes, I do in fact work in quality control for the housing industry irl :smiley:
  • Ilsabet
    3 inn rooms
    3 apartments
    Autumn's Gate
    Velothi Reverie
    Mournoth Keep
    Hunding's Palatial Hall

    The inn rooms and apartments are just storage at this point. Autumn's Gate is fully furnished thanks to the ESO+ trial. Velothi and Mournoth are works in progress, and Hunding's is even more in progress aside from having a pretty nice fishing area.
    Ilsabet Menard - DC Breton Nightblade archer
    Linnea Heavy-Pockets - EP Nord Templar brawler
    Lollygags-Where-She-Likes - EP Argonian Templar healer
    Gurtha gra-Margaz - DC Orc Sorcerer stormflailer
    My characters and their overly elaborate backstories
    Ilsabet's Headcanon
    PC NA
  • Skayaq
    Dawnshadow (Primary Residence)
    Strident Springs Demesne
    Grymhart's Woe
    Bouldertree Refuge
    Mournoth Keep
    Autumn's Gate
    Cpt. Margeux Place
    Barbed Hook Tavern

    and the four inn rooms but they are only used to store excess furniture.
    Kazari-Dar, Khajiit Nightblade..........Jarkyr Storm-Blade, Nord Sorcerer .......... Dunric Amedain, Breton Templar

    Araniwen, Altmer Sorcerer..................Llirasa Andralu, Dunmer Templar...................Marzug gro-Borgaz, Orc Warden

    Calinchel, Bosmer Warden...................Jahrel-Xei, Argonian Nightblade....................Cienri Maraeud, Breton Sorcerer

    Inara Savicci, Imperial Templar...................Garoric Attilus, Imperial Dragonknight............ Maevina Tallian, Imperial Nightblade

    Ravanni-Ko, Khajiit Dragonknight..........Faevyn Ice-Heart, Nord Warden..........Nazran al-Taneth, Redguard Dragonknight
  • RupzSkooma
    Poor fella here . At least am not homeless because of that free inn room .
    Saving for Autumn's gate .
    Edited by RupzSkooma on July 21, 2017 4:05PM
    Modrim > Morrowind > Oblivion > Skyrim :>


    Thank you , ZeniMax Online Studios for Elder Scrolls Online .

  • Anunakis
    doesnt matter how many , my pets are homeless anyway same the mounts , and max party is 24
  • phileunderx2
    I have 5
    Mara's kiss. Empty too many loading screens.
    Mistveil Manor my main residence.
    The khajiit house on kenarthi's roost. It's kinda of my jungle room only has plants in it.
    Snugpod my transport hub
    And Ald Velothi my vacation home on the coast.
  • BlackSparrow
    13... one for each character, plus some change in the form of the free apartments.
    • Tel Galen
    • Humblemud
    • Kragenhome
    • Hammerdeath End
    • Twin Arches
    • Bouldertree Refuge
    • All 7 apartments and Inn rooms
    I am Queen of Typos. If you don't see "Edited by BlackSparrow" above this line, please assume my account has been taken over by scamps and react accordingly.

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    Swum-Many-Waters, elderly argonian healer: "The simple thought of it dries my scales. I ventured into Elsweyr long ago, but I may be getting too old to make the journey again."
    Silh'ki, khajiit warrior-chef: "This one looks forward to seeing her home sands again. Perhaps she will make her home village many fish sticks!"
    Peregrine Huntress, bosmer hunter: "I could do much with a good dragon hide."
    Lorenyawe, altmer mechanist: "I see little need to muck about some ancient tomb. Too much work to do elsewhere. No, that was not an intentional pun."
    Lorelai Magpie, breton thief: "Stealing from the Ban Daar is always a fun challenge. Sometimes, they steal their stuff back!"
    Rasheda the Burning Heart, redguard knight: "While I try to stay at Swum-Many-Waters' side, the whispers of an undead threat worry me."
    Hex-Eye Azabi, khajiit daedric priestess: "Perhaps. The lady Mephala spins many webs, and I can see there being benefit in sending me into the path of an undead invasion."
    Yngva Stormhammer, nord bandit (reformed...ish): "I hear there will be dragons. I would be a disappointment to my Nord heritage if I did not try to slay them."
    Madam Argentia, dunmer aristocrat: "I have little desire to waltz across the desert for weeks at a time. It's terrible for the complexion."
    Mazie gra-Bolga, orc scout: "Uh... I'm kinda busy up in Wrothgar, sorry!"
    Felicia the Wanderer, imperial witch-for-hire: "The Khajiit usually throw some nice contracts my way. I'm sure Jimila will have something that will take me there."
    Calico Jaka-dra, retired khajiit pirate: "This one is happy to check back on her homeland after grand adventures drew her away! Let the kittens call her -dra instead of -daro now!"
    Shimmerbeam, blind altmer psijic: "My lady Meridia does detest the undead. I may need to sneak out on my duties on Artaeum to address it."

    (Signature idea shamelessly stolen from Abeille.)
  • Banana
    1 to many
  • Tasear
    3 large ones
    1 apartment
    And snugpod the one I actually visit. It's in such a great location, next to stables, master writs,pledges, outlaw refugee and city slightly in distance.
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  • Sticky_Paws
    Actually 11, including the four Inn rooms, and all but two are decorated :-)
  • BloodWolfe
    ZERO. I saw the inn rooms and what a joke those are!

    I was never good at making in-game gold/currency and I refuse to spend RL money with the ridiculous prices they charge in crowns for the homes I would consider buying. I'm slowly working up my crafting and maybe one day I can start selling some stuff and make more gold but with limited play time over the last couple of years on and off it hasn't worked out for me.
  • disintegr8
    I am 4 houses away from owning all of the base game homes. I don't have the Imperial Edition, so cannot buy the Imperial homes and I have not done the Morrowind content, so will not be buying those houses for a while.

    All have been bought with in game gold, only 4 'large' houses at over a million each to get - so need to earn another 4.5 mil gold.
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
    Everyone's entitled to an opinion.
  • CaffeinatedMayhem
    disintegr8 wrote: »
    I am 4 houses away from owning all of the base game homes. I don't have the Imperial Edition, so cannot buy the Imperial homes and I have not done the Morrowind content, so will not be buying those houses for a while.

    All have been bought with in game gold, only 4 'large' houses at over a million each to get - so need to earn another 4.5 mil gold.

    I used my sub crowns to buy homes that are more gold than I earn in a year. Also helps with furnishing large homes, making all that furniture is expensive too.
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    MAX CP, played since beta, yes I know the game. Also worked in software dev/ops so yes, I know what I'm talking about.

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  • MissBizz
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