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Loading Screens- our fix

Prolonged loading screens in cyrodil with groups and porting have been around for a while.
Our guild [ The Kelly Gang ] has developed a strategy which we've used over the last few months which have almost eliminated loading screens.
We've identified two main precipitants:
1: A player who is offline in the group/raid - always kick them out of group immediately
2: Players who are invisible to others in the group - Since the last two patches invisible players have become more frequent, and this also causes loading screens. Our solution is to always group everyone together and make sure everyone is visible. Anyone who is invisible to other members has to ride off/ move out of render range and then rejoin the rest. Once everyone is rendering properly porting etc can commence.

Good luck, hope this strategy helps everyone else as well

elbow streak - TKG
Edited by elbow on July 30, 2017 1:53AM
  • vanzan
    To add to this - if someone new joins the group, there will likely be someone invisible again. So you have to do another regroup and re-render to ensure you don't get loading screens.
    Vanzan Lizardman - TKG

  • Crazytalk
    The long load screens are seemingly related to issues with group rendering. Keep in mind all it takes is one person that can't seem to see another whether it's you or somebody else and any one or few people can have a long load screen so everyone has to confirm that they can see everyone. Further clarification on render distance... you have to ride out to the extend that you cannot see the group chevrons or health bars in the distance. You'll know if you went far enough if you can see the people you initially could not upon returning to your group.
  • Rozenwyn
    Yeah you don't need to regroup to fix it, just have the person who is invisible to others ride out of render and generally no one will get loading screens anymore. Granted a few slip in here and there but doing a "vis check" makes Cyrodiil life much better.

    However its kinda ridiculous that the players have had to figure out ways to prevent the load screens from happening when they should have been fixed a long long time ago!
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