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Craglorn's Spellscar - located in space?

I recently completed the Spellscar quest in Craglorn and noticed something very peculiar when I entered the Spellscar and was teleported into the Mage's Staff:


It appears Secunda and Masser are below us here which implies the location we are in is physically off of Nirn completely and in the cosmos. Unfortunately I couldn't find Nirn below me which would have been really cool, but is this line of thinking correct or is it just some oversight by the devs and the moons are in the incorrect spots?
  • Jitterbug
    In a Galaxy far far Away...
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    The Imperial Library had the text from Naryu's journal and she seems to agree with your assessment, so likely it was on purpose. Link.
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  • ArchMikem
    Well, Masser and Secunda being "below" you doesn't hold any special meaning, considering Space is omnidirectional. (hope that's the right word to use..)

    Wasn't the SpellScar supposed to be a legit fragment of Aetherius that broke off and fell to Nirn? I haven't been back to that Quest in a long while. However as with all "other worldly" places in Elder Scrolls, I just think the "inside" of the SpellScar is just another pocket plane that just so happens to have a view of the two moons. Dunno why, have to ask why the Devs put them there.
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