No CP campaign NPC's

Don't know if this is intended, but NPC's in Cyrodiil seem equally strong in the no CP and CP campaings. In the no CP campaign this results in really strong guards which hit really hard and have very high defenses. This is not necessarily a big problem but since (I think) Morrowind guards just spam negate, dragon blood and eclipse, making these fights really long and hard.

I like a challenge but at times this is really getting out of hand, and I can't even do anything because there is no cooldown on the spamming of eclipse and just after I finally am free of that they drop a negate on you or pop dragon blood 3 times in a fight.

Please tell me of this behaviour is intended, and otherwise please make it so that not all NPC'S can use all abilities and maybe less often, even workers drop negates and use dragon blood now..
  • Durham
    Yes you play no-CP so everything is suppose to be tougher :)
    PVE Eternal Destiny
  • Zordrage
    Stop trying to solo Cyrodil that was specificaly designed for group play.......

    prob solved...
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