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Your carriage awaits

Community Ambassador
There are many varieties of carriage to be purchased yes. All of them with the little problem that they do not go anywhere.

Khajiit has a thought yes - treasure this moment for it does not happen so often ...

What if either the carriage or a carriagemaster could transport you or your guests to the nearest wayshrine?

This one she does not like to think of her slightly tipsy guests - or her slightly tipsy self - having to walk at night through possibly hostile places to get home.

So then - who would like to see a means of travel from the home to other places?

Yours with paws
Santie Claws

The guest departing Castle Claws
Clan Claws - now recruiting khajiit and like minded others for parties, fishing and other khajiit stuff. Contact this one for an invite.

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  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    This would be something I would enjoy seeing.

    It can be quite the walk sometimes and I often find myself using guild members as travel beacons to avoid paying a fee or walking out my front door.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
    "Don't count on others for help. In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves."
  • emilyhyoyeon
    this would be a cute idea. it's useful so players can buy houses they normally would pass up because of location (being far away from a wayshrine)
    PC EU
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