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Irritable owl syndrome founded.

Elder Scrolls Online
Irritable owl syndrome Founded.

2:31PM in PlayStation®4 – NA
Afternoon ladies and gents.
I am a casual eso player looking for new people to join my guild, the idea is to mainly help fellow players pool in resources so we can all benefit.

what do i mean by this?

I find it frustrating trying to find/buy items, armour, weapons, mats, etc.. in other guild stores that cost an extortionate amount of in game gold.
Or I'm tired of having to travel the length and breadth of Tamriel in order to check guild stores to find either they dont have what I need or someone thinks that something simple is worth 200k.
It irritates me ( hence the guild name )

So, my idea, to just have a guild bank, for the time being, to put item in useful items. Like armour sets, crafting styles, jewellery, recipes, duplicates etc.
Not for the purpose of extorting/exploiting people, just because your're a swell guy/gal and want to help others. I too will be contributing of course.
Another goal is to eventually grow they guild to have a trader, pve, pvp, trails teams, as this will help get items.
There will be someone looking out for the guild bank to make sure people are not taking liberties too.
I will not be asking for weekly fees of gold, but donations of gold and/or items will help build trust and get access to the guild bank.
Only 3 members at the moment, me and 2 friends, who will be the guild banks treasurers.
All races/alliances welcome.

Psn me, or leave me your psn on here :)
Psn: Skippypedia
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