Wyrd Sisters and Vampirism

What is the Glenmorial Wyrd Witches opinion on Vampires in their covens?
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  • Uzmati
    If i were a Wyrd Sister, my PoV towards vampires would be hostile, but cautious. Sure, they're abominations, walking dead people that feasts on the blood on the living... that including my sisters (and, in starvation times, the blood of the animals too). But, according to popular lore, they're cunning, subtle... and very dangerous. I would proceed with extreme caution. Any kind of alliance would be extremely improbable, only possible in desperate times.
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  • Korah_Eaglecry
    Wyrd Sisters worship nature and all that is natural. Vampirism along with lycanthropy is as far from nature as you can get. They are abominations and would likely be wiped out by the Wyrd Sisters upon discovery.
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    @Korah_Eaglecry Vampirism maybe, but not lycanthropy. Remember the Glenmoril witches are the ones who made the Companions werewolves.
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  • Sizaansil
    Time to link a book :) : en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:The_Glenmoril_Wyrd
    It says that the covens incline towards Daedra-worship (Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon, Hircine, Namira depending on which coven) but that two of the covens featured in the game (Viridian and Ilessan Hills covens) are recognized as being reluctant to Lycanthropy and provide a cure against it while the Reach covens see it as a gift :
    Remember the Glenmoril witches are the ones who made the Companions werewolves.
    UESP also says that the Glenmoril Wyrd (now I'm not sure which one but it looks like the Viridian coven en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Glenmoril_Wyrd) provides cure for vampirism.
    On top of that, the Beldama Wyrd considers Lurchers as abominations for they are corrupted Spriggans (in-game dialog). That corruption comes from the Bloodthorns whose leader Angof is known for his connection to Molag Bal. I strongly think that the Beldama Wyrd is against unnatural beings like vampires.
    All of that makes me think that some covens like the Beldama Wyrd and the Viridian coven would probably see vampirism as something that needs to be cured whereas other covens probably have vampires.

    Note : I'm no lore pro and I could not find the litteral proof of my opinion being true but that's how I see it at least :p
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  • Axmalexia
    Currently within the game, each Wyrd Sisters we have seen are the Beldama, Viridian, and the Glenmoril. Where you get the Glenmoril and Vampire association has to deal with Daggerfall, which we have not seen a Vampire Wyrd since then, so it's safe to assume that it has been somewhat redacted.

    For High Rock covens (Glenmoril, Illesan, Viridian and Beldama), they would be less inclined to allow Vampires unlike the Fen Witches of Hjaalmarch who do worship Molag Bal. And while the Glenmoril Wyresses do have a cure for Vampirism and Lycanthropy, they and the Viridian worship the "less feral aspects of Hircine."

    The Beldama on the other hand worship the Guardian Spirits (Earth Bones), and do defend the Wyrd Tree. And in my own opinion would not be fond of Vampires, or Werewolves.
  • Vanthras79
    Do they know how to turn a man into a newt?
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