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[EU] - Great House Telvanni, social and RP guild

Great House Telvanni (EU/PC) is a social/RP guild that has been active ever since early access. We welcome both casual players and people who need to be online around the clock! We want to enjoy lore-friendly and plausible RP in the world of ESO while having a good time together.
The guild is a wonderful place to make friends as well as gaming and roleplaying in an online family that acknowledges and supports the importance of a life outside of Tamriel. Join a community with different settings that have been fine-tuned by veteran roleplayers where cheesy and overly dramatic characters are an ironic narrative exception rather than an annoying archetype.
We play in five different RP hubs, each of which is coordinated by a hub GM to ensure ongoing and consistent life for our characters - both while we are playing them and when they are unsupervised. We believe that nasty surprises should be limited to characters, which is why our players work together behind the scenes for the benefit of everyone.
Our current hubs (July 2017) are: - Stonefalls, Heimlyn keep (The Telvanni Wizard setting) - Hew's Bane (Pirate and scoundrel RP) - Wrothgar (Adventure RP in a hostile environment) - Vvardenfell (Outlanders trying not to be swept up in Great House affairs) - Tel Virith (servants and apprentices of a Telvanni Spellwright)
We are always looking for more players who want more than casual and noncommittal tavern RP. Newcomers are explicitly welcome! You will always have someone to ask your questions until you're comfortable on your own. While some of our characters are s’wit, our players are generally lovely people.
REQUIREMENTS: - Be a decent individual. (We want drama in the stories we're telling, not between our members.) - Literally nothing else.
If you have any questions contact our guild master @manavortex or @Twirlz in-game on the EU server.
P.S Visit our website at for a better understanding. To find out about our RP, just check our wiki.
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  • Mallepele
    Yes! We are always looking for some more RP-Players and characters :)
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