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Soul Shriven
I've had this idea for a while that I recently got to test out: doing DnD-like adventures in Tamriel. Most of the RP I see in ESO is quite unorganized and boring. Tavern RP can be fun once in a while, but come on - you have more creativity than that! The idea is that one or more players design an adventure for x-number of people, who join in later to act it out. The designers of the adventure will take on roles as "NPCs" who make sure the players are heading in the right direction both physically and story-wise.

My first adventure in this format was called "The Forgotten Past of Windhelm." A proud and drunken Nord suggested that Ysgramor build Windhelm singlehandedly in memory of Yngol, his son. A nearby Dunmer hears this and is offended, because they believe it was built by elven slaves. The Nord bets his axe the Dunmer is wrong, and it's up to the players, who happen to be nearby overhearing this ordeal, to prove that the Dunmer is correct. This is done by finding an old tome, written by the slaves themselves as to not forget the hardships they were put through. They would all be paid 1K gold each once they were done. Twist: One of the players were contacted privately, given a different objective: to destroy the tome for 3K gold.

Needless to say, it got quite interesting. I just wanted to share this idea, for you who have ever played DnD, and I encourage people to try it out. Thoughts?
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    This might interest you.

    [Link]LLRP | Soldiers of the Legio Luporum:
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