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New Player, Help craft Training Gear :)!

Soul Shriven
Hi All,

New ESO player here :)! I am looking for help crafting training gear for levels 1-20ish. I've read many reviews saying the leveling goes fast during the lower levels; however, I just cant find enough time to be on my computer leveling. I do want to get to 50 and PVP, PVE, and make ESO a game I enjoy playing late game but need help in the early stage. I am looking for a casual guide that is friendly and helpful as well is looking to make friends. Please let me know if there is a fellow gamer out there available to help :)!

UN: J ii N X (draggonknight)
  • Pele
    You can do all the things you want to do right now and leveling will happen naturally as you play and have fun. Make playing the game your priority not leveling. Also, you'll actually learn how to play the game this way. There's no magical better game waiting for you once you reach level 50. Everything is scaled, so the game can be enjoyed for what it is right from the start.

    As for training trait gear, the Training set is found in treasure map chests for the starter zones. Get some of those and dig them up for training trait gear that's exactly your level. Or just buy training gear from guild stores. It's cheap.
  • JKorr
    You might also look for a good guild. There are guilds out there friendly to new players that have crafters who'll make gear.
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