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LF (Trials-Noob) Friendly Trials Guild

Soul Shriven
Long time player, since beta , and a pc transfer - mature player, I've been casually playing since then with breaks every so often and am just now at 400CP with a Stam NB coming back into the game again.

A lot of the guilds i ran with broke up over time and I never had one that was running trials or at least one open to new to trials players so I am looking. I have a decent amount of skill to contribute as well as my services as a crafter having all my crafting maxed out except enchanting and I can craft all but maybe a handful of styles, I can make ambrosia potions and am currently collecting furniture plans for those needing some interior decorating, and of course, I will happily PvE as well as PvP with anyone who needs help or just company, be it Cyrodil or Battlegrounds. As a bonus I come with a 415CP Templar who is one of the best healers I've ever played with that would be an asset to any group, who also has yet to play in trials. We have mics and aren't strangers to party or in game group chats. If you think your guild could welcome us and introduce us to trials, don't be a stranger.

My PSN:GothicTragedy
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PSN: GothicTragedy
  • CaptainHowdy1
    You'd be more than welcome in my guild,we're a fairly new guild trying to put together a consistent trails team. We only have a couple people so far and we are currently recruiting all classes and roles.We run vet dungeons nightly,just don't have enough people for trials yet so if your still interested give me a shout on psn CaptainHowdy_1.
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