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Can we have some adjustment to DK abilities, not buffs/nerfs, just some rebalancing.

DK is tanky as heck, so shouldn't be buffed much or it will be broken, but SO MANY of its skills have been butchered. Look to dragon fire scale etc. It feels like its lost its flair a little as the slow pressuring bastion that can reflect damage and needs tactics to fight, think darth vader in rouge one. I originally was hoping for a sorc style cremation execute passive, because it would synergize well with the dots, but I doubt its going to happen.

Dragon scale nowadays is useless, it costs way too much, for 4 seconds and 4 projecties. Half the things aren't even reflected. Now take a look at wardens where it dishes out more damage/gives ulti, and returns magicka. Needless to say, flaps need fixing.

On a slow class its rather unfair to keep out gapcloser behind an useful pve skill, I say separate chains into a gapcloser (chains) and a pull. (Stonefist) This would be done by renaming stonefist "tectonics" and instead have a fossilize style root come out from the ground and pull them. On a similar note, pulling automatically grants cc immunity. It shouldn't. Instead it should be able to be broken out of, allowing people to pull sorcs out of the mines without them scurrying back into them like sewer rats and having 6 seconds free immunity.

Inferno, used to be a cool AoE. Now its a shitball. Decent for pve as a dot, but rather useless in pvp since it is once every 5 sec and untargeted. And the heal morph is utterly attrocious. Heals a single person every 5 *** seconds. It is the worst ability in the game without a doubt. Make both AoE. One morph poison miasma, and the other to be 'consuming inferno' that applies mag steal on targets.

Aside from that, (and maybe the health recovery passive wtf) DK is in an OK spot.
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  • scipionumatia
    I'm all for DK buffs but id like to point out dragon scale is tremendously better than warden reflect ability. warden reflect hits for cold damage and is extremely weak, dragon scales hit the same projectile back with all the power it was gonna hit you for plus 30% additional damage (if I'm remembering my morphs correctly). this matters because if you were gonna get knocked down by crystal frags, flame reach or other ranged CC, youll reflect that hit (CC included back at the attacker), warden reflect shoots an ice projectile and doesn't keep the CC the original skill was gonna inflict on you. Also, warden reflect doesn't reflect/absorb crystal frags i found out last night, very disappointing. Also comparing DK reflect to warden reflect, DK reflects 4 projectiles, warden only 3.

    Chains does need fixing, agree there. That "target is too low/high" is severely annoying.

    Id like to see dragonsblood be a better self heal, really weak atm and i can really feel the cost increase on vigor.

    as far as inferno goes, i run stam dk so the FoE is working fine for me, hits 5k-6k ish and gives crit chance. Mag DK could probably use a better inferno morph.

    I have seen pple using chains to pull people into a trap beast, seems like a pretty strong combo in a 1v1 scenario.
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