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Bgs test

Had our guild break up in teams of 4, 16 of us all group que for bgs. None of us where able to get in 4 full groups of 4 ppl standing around waiting for 1 hour and 30min at 2pm EST.

One of our groups should have been able to get in, and every time que went off we accepted it. How is it possible that that this many players are not able to get in? Is it still some one saying no to the que? I don't think so. The group tool is broke.

I understand that they could have put us in different ques with different players but what's that chances of us all not getting in with all full groups?

But then I solo que I'm in 5 mins in a team of 2v3v4. This is on xb1 NA

Has anyone else tried having a larg part of there guilds all que together in separate teams and still not get in.

If the players are there teams of 4 why are we not able to play?
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  • Trashkan
    I played yesterday solo and that worked fine then a buddy joined and that worked fine as well very quick matches, then a third joined same thing very quick q's and we were in and out so we decided to grab a full group and bam 45 min later nothing. I just don't get it.
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  • FloppyTouch
    I get the feeling we are just supposed to solo que
  • Derra
    I get the feeling we are just supposed to solo que

    If only i could figure out why i was playing a multiplayer game. mhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    Nah definetly not to play with my friends. That can´t be it.
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  • Killset
    We can't even get in a game with only two of Queueing... pathetic.
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