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Best place to farm Ore

I just started crafting and got a daily writ, wondering where i can find iron ore easily and finish thia dam quest i got no ore!
  • Darkestnght
    I always find a lot near mountains. Gold Coast is also a good place with a nice little loop you can do and collect quite a bit in a short time.
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  • king408
    Thanks bro ill look into getting there soon.
  • Nestor
    Starter islands are good for mat harvesting. Talk to an NPC on the docks.

    Iron Ore is not the easiest to see, its a brown blob on the ground. The other metals stick out a bit more. But you should be able to find plenty for the writ (figure about 60 to 80 with your lack of extraction passives)

    Also, the stuff sells in Guild Kiosks too pretty cheap.
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  • Banana
    If you had access to craglorn. The nirn chance is good
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