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Anywhere to look for crafting traders here? (PS4)

Hi there, simply as said above: is there a way to search for crafting traders on here that can make certain items? Having a bit of trouble finding in-game crafters for clever alchemist set (PS4) so I thought I'd try my luck here
  • Sanctum74
    I would try asking in zone chat in hews bane or at a capital city.

    Another option would be to search for a guild instead. People are usually trying to recruit in zone chat in the capital city of your alliance. Guild mates are more likely to help you and then you also have people to do dungeons, pvp, and possibly a trader too. Its also amusing to read the guild chat all day lol.

    I would also make sure you have all the mats. Making gear can be costly especially if its ancestor silk. All of the trait stones, alloys, etc add up and having all of it in advance will increase the odds of someone being willing to help you.

    The population has been way down lately so you may have to ask during primetime hours to get a response. Good luck with the new gear.

  • MilwaukeeScott
    PS4 NA?

    All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
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