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How is kill credit determined?

When you deal 500K in damage and only get 3 kills and 22 assists, while my nightblade and sorc friends get 12 kills each with only a handful of assists I am wondering.
Granted I was using a lightning staff doing many heavy attacks, while they were doing there thing. Many kills I was in the middle of the heavy attack, thought I had the kill and not sure how I didn't get it.

Someone said whoever does the damage at the time he dies, I don't buy it. If I slap 3 Dot's on a guy and he dies, is that not taking into consideration vs one crystal frag?
(btw.... as I mentioned in another post, people using Sheild Breaker set definitely are not getting credit, I have been using that killing people under their sheilds and still the credit is going to someone not even doing actually damage to their health bar)
  • Dracindo
    You mention Nightblade friends?

    Assassin's Blade: Deals 300% more damage to targets below 25% health.

    Your DoT's get them low, but when they're at 10% health left, it's this skill that secures the kill.

    Your fellow sorcs... I don't know what they use, but magsorcs have ways to deal a ton of burst damage.
  • Crom_CCCXVI
    I get the execute thing.....
    but if it is really the last tick like people say and i have 5 dots on someone with low health at the time of death, and you have one strike, did you really get the last tick? I should have 5 of 6 chance.

    and I think the thing with shield breaker proves something isn't right. Even if you have a 300x execute, if you don't get through the shields you don't hurt him. I killed a guy under his shield and got the assist, the person hitting his shield I'm sure was hitting harder... but that isn't how you kill someone.

    I'll even say Battlegrounds and Cyrodil aren't using the same system. I get revenge after revenge in Cyrodil in the same group style fights as in in BG . I have been playing for 2 years, I have multiple Tribune's in Cyrodil, I'm not saying that makes me an expert, but I have been playing long enough to where I notice things.

    I understand the nightblades and mages wrath are killers and should be rocking big time kill numbers, but I am really thinking something isn't working right.
    Edited by Crom_CCCXVI on June 26, 2017 1:23PM
  • Killset
    From my understanding it's whoever does the last health point of damage. Basically whoever takes the target from 1 to 0. Which is wrong on so many levels.
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