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Tips on how to beat templars as a magDK?

It just seems the most impossible fight, if I manage to get them to low health bam they're full again and I need to try to regent mag back asap and rewind.. Any tips to combat these guys? I have no problems with other classes but templars are a female dog :tongue:
  • yodased
    Lockdown. Your goal is to drain them of stamina.
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • Kutsuu
    Fossilize into meteor when timed right (just before they swap bars to heal) can be enough. They tend to let health get pretty low before healing because they have so much confidence in being able to heal to full in 1-2 casts.

    As yodased mentioned, running them out of stam then killing them in a CC is another option.

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  • Brutusmax1mus
    I've never run out of stam fighting a dk, mainly bc i can cleanse rather than dodge roll to break talons. I've had the most luck on my dk with talons while they are on dps bar, meteor, fossilize, la/ whip .

    The key is to know how much damage you're bust can do, wait till a comfortable threshold, say 20k hp, and set up the combo.
  • Varxent
    yodased wrote: »
    Lockdown. Your goal is to drain them of stamina.

    Or Magicka, However that is really rare to see happen due to their Mag regen Rune. I just do the fossilize shooting star combo on them, If they are a vamp and you get them below 50% before they can heal it's a 1 or 2 shot with whip. But in all honesty if your facing a magic templar be sure to keep watch on your resources and health. As soon as they see you go below 50% they are going to jesus beam so bash it asap then use embers to heal up. And be prepared for 5 minute plus fights, I've fought magplars using Duroks Bane, Malubeth and Seducer at the same time. It's not fun :/

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  • AverageJo3Gam3r
    You have to bait them into overcommiting. I purposefully let my health get low so they'll get greedy and Jesus beam when they're at <60 percent health. Then it's bash, meteor, fossilize and pray it's enough.

    Good mDK vs a good magplar takes forever.
  • devilsTear
    I've been trying the usual combos but it just isn't enough lol just earlier I fought a templar which quite frankly I just couldn't kill and my whip has a 9k tool tip.. I just wish that I'd zos insists on dk's being a DoT class that they would do something to make them useful, purge is al you need to nullify all my offense, all I can try is tank it out and hope for a screw up..
  • RedFireDisco
    Lol, my magplar tank has 42 k health, 42 k mag, 22 k stam and 2300 SD buffed.

    When I apply drain to a Mdk, I can jab and blaze shield FOREVER. Who needs to heal?

    Purge embers with cleanse and soulstrike into a J beam.

    I love my MagDK, it was my first build, but I do not use him for nought but crafting.
  • scipionumatia
    Sigtric wrote: »
    Hit them with talons,
    Tickle them with fire whip noodle
    When they break free, run away

    Get shield bash from shield skill line (you have enough stamina to use this once at least right?)

    Find Templar again
    Hit them with Talons
    Tickle them with fire whip noodle
    When they break free, shield bash skill even though cc immune
    Cast CDB
    Rez at nearest keep

    Replace CDB with vigor (stay with me here)
    Find Templar again
    Hit with talons
    Tickle with noodle
    Cast vigor
    Tickle with noodle more because you managed to stay alive
    Pop Stam pot
    Cast vigor
    Fire whip butt touches
    Crap we forgot about Embers, swipe them
    Rez at nearest keep

    Log out
    Log into Stam sorc
    Find templar
    Wreck face

    I'm laughing like an insane person in an airport cause of this post. I better not give it a re read before someone gets concerned lol
    You had me at "tickle with noodle"
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  • ajaxtheboss
    Fossilize is the bane of my existence as a MagTemp. Fought a really good mdk who would fossilize then get behind me so I'm stuck there and all I can hit them with is radiant or flame reach. He just wore me out of stamina like that then proceeded to fossilize/meteor/whip me.
  • Sheey
    ^ignore all comments above they are trash.

    You cant fight templars because 5 < 1
  • Trashkan
    I do fine with fighting them you just have to hit them with an insane amount of damage. I think like 7k a second will do it for 30 seconds and then my stat pool is drained but that dang templar wearing cowards gear jumping non stop hmmm hmm [exploit] is finally dead. I'm just gonna lie here while everyone else destroys me.
  • CMurder435
    Magplar vs mag dk is one the harder matchups in eso. Fights against magplars can take ages. Bait the templar into going offensive then combo your ultimate with your CC. It's going to be a game of counters until one of you makes a mistake. So manage your resources and know when to go for the kill. One of the things I've done since they came out is to use a 5.5s defiling poison on my back bar. Proc this b4 ultimate combo.
  • Crom_CCCXVI
    Your not going to easily beat every class........ accept that first.
    Then recognize it's going to take a nice well timed combo of multiple skills, with probably an ult like meteor to finish them.
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