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New PvP Mini-Game Idea

Disclaimer: This is a Concept Idea created by a Fan(s) in hopes of developing more D&D/ Mini-Games for The Elder Scrolls Online. Names are subject to change.

Sheogorath’s House of Spectacles

Keep Blitz
Concept: Two teams are giving keeps that they must defend while simultaneously trying to siege and take the enemy team’s keep. A game will last up to 60 minutes.
Setup: The player must go to the Mage’s Guild and select a portal (Non-CP and CP) that they want to participate in. This will bring them in a lobby which will Queue them for a match and will fit 98 players (48 vs 48). The game will decide the team the respected player will fight for. Sheogorath will determine 2 unique rules (determines by RNG: *see rules) that will influence the way the game plays. Each player will earn points per contribution in the field that they can use to purchase items in that match (Potions, Siege, Food, Soul Gems, Etc.).
Note: You will not be allowed to use inventory items I.E. Potions, Siege, Food, Soul Gems unless purchased in the match. Only food purchased inside the event can be used, this means the food you used before hand will not work inside this event but the timer will not be effected inside the event.
1 Kill will equal 5 points, 1 capture will be 10 points, Team Quests will be 20 points (See Quest Giver), and Medal Scores will give Points based on the Tier and Achievement on the battlefield (can use the Battlegrounds Medals). There will be 3 key spots that will establish the line of attrition (primary spots of fighting). There will be a flag that the teams will fight over to gain control over that area. North River, Middle Bridge, and South Town will be the key spots to push and capture.If a Team holds all 3 objectives that team will be given 1 point per second. The Keeps used will be the Home Keeps base model used in the Alliance War. If the keep is captured then the team that captured is rewarded with a win and other prizes.
Rewards: Alliance Points, Rewards for the Worthy, Leaderboard placement, and Achievements.
AP: will be given at a flat rate of 10k AP for a win and 5k for a loss. The total amount of kills will be added together and divided by 48 and this will determine extra AP given at the end of the match.
RFW: Siege Master Set, Blitz Set, Jiggalag’s Judgement Set, and Uncle Sheo’s Insight Set.
Set of the Siege Master: (Light, Medium, and Heavy)
2) Siege can be assembled 10% faster
3) Siege can move 10% faster
4) Siege takes 10% less Damage
5) Siege deals 5% more Damage
Set of Uncle Sheo’s Insight: Light
2) Increase Magicka Recovery by 129
3) Increase Magicka Recovery by 129
4) Increase Magicka Recovery by 129
5) When your Damage Shield is broken reflect half it’s value as damage back to the enemy. (subject to change the value)
Blitz Set: Medium
2) Increase Max Stam by 1064
3) Increase Weapon Damage by 129
4) Increase Max Stam by 1064
5) When using a Gap Closer Ability you hit up to 3 enemies.
Set of Jiggalag’s Judgement: Heavy
2) Increase Max Health by 1064
3) Increase Stamina Recovery by 129
4) Increase Magicka Recovery by 129
5) The sum of the damage dealt to you will be reflected back after 5s to the enemies around you. Can only happen every 10s.
Sheogorath’s Unique Rules:
Madness: Friendly Fire is enabled for the first 10 mins.
Cheese: Resistances are zero’d out for the first 5 mins.
Barrel of laughs: Your Spell and Weapon Damage is zero’d out for 1 mins (can happen randomly anytime during the fight)
Wabbajack: A random Hurricane (deals damage to everyone not inside in a certain area), Random Lighting Storm (deals lightning damage and slows everyone inside a certain area.), Hellfire (deals fire damage to everyone in a certain area) and Blizzard (Freezes everyone in a certain area.)
Unforgiving: Spawns random portals on the ground that teleports you to a random spot on the map.
Lord Commander: The siege weapon's damage values fluctuates for the first 10 mins.
Love and War: The keep walls start at 10%
Unprepared Fighter: All armor is broken
Team Quests:
Kill 25, 50, 75, 100 Enemies
Kill 25, 50, 75, 100 DragonKnights, NightBlades, Sorcerers, Templars, and Wardens
Capture a point North River, Middle Bridge, South Town
Destroy 25, 50, 75, 100 Siege
Medal Scores:
Double Kill- 10
Triple Kill- 15
Multi Kill- 20
Capture a 2 Resources- 30
Deal 100,000/ 500,000/ 1,000,000 Damage/ Heal
Achievements are left to Zenimax Online Studios
  • Dracindo
    I don't mean to say it's a bad idea, but I prefer they don't add new PvP gamemodes. PvP is already split in dueling, Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds. The worst part is that not everyone can play 2 of those.

    I like Cyrodiil for its large scaled battles, and I think that if more PvP gamemodes are being added, Cyrodiil will end up very empty.

    Though I wouldn't mind going through some more PvE content with Uncle Sheo.
    Edited by Dracindo on June 26, 2017 8:30AM
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