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Quest disappeared

Soul Shriven
I've been doing what I assume is the main quest line in Al'Akir. I was exploring and came across a guy who gave me a quest to put to rest 3 honored dead. I did that. Then I went and found the king of the Ash Abah. His daughter sent me out into the desert to talk to the same guy. When I approached him the second time, the first thing he said to me was, honor need not be named. Then he said he recognized me. The next conversation choice had me tell him that I was now Ash'Abah. When I did this, the quest to find him disappeared and no new quest showed up.

  • Bonzodog01
    Ok, you need to make sure you have done ALL the quests in sentinel first. Its very important to make sure you have definitely rescued the prince from the Impervious Vault in sentinel.

    Sentinels quest line starts on the docks in sentinel where the ship is, and you have to kill the zombies, and that will then lead to a quest to see King Fahara'jad who requests that you find his son the prince. It leads to a cavern under the city where you find the prince who tells of a plot to raid the Impervious Vault. You then do the quest to get in and save the first of the Ansei Wards.

    From there, the king sends you to see the Ash'abah, and you go through their ritual to become one.

    After that, you go to the throne of Tu'whacca, where you should hand in the previously given quest, but also pick up the story lead-on quest from Throne Keeper.

    The one you handed in should only go to one further quest - to make sure the three honored dead are laid to rest.

    Its the throne keeper who has you destroy one of the sons after lighting the braziers at the throne that gives you the story continuation. The ash'abah quest should have been BEFORE the honored dead, and given by the king in Sentinel.
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