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Multiple server kicks

Hello guys just curious if anyone has come across the same problem - for the past couple days I have been randomly disconnected from the server under the ruling of "to many messages" AKA spamming. The thing is I rarely say anything in chats and If I do it's on a mic with friends In our own group.

Not sure if it will pass or continue, just wanted to see if anyone has run across this.
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  • disintegr8
    I've has this happen when scrolling through guild trading history or scrolling through items in the guild store. It has also happened when I was 'spamming' my buttons in frustration at a game freeze.

    It may be as much to do with how many commands you try and issue in a short time frame as anything else and pressing a valid button is in effect issuing a game command. It has always let me straight back in, so now I am just aware of it and take my time when doing these things.
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  • FluffyReachWitch
    It's just their spam guard catching false positives. Happens to me sometimes too.

    Two common ways this can happen: 1) Pressing buttons so fast it gets misinterpreted as spam, or 2) Pressing more than a few buttons during a period of high latency. In the second case, your key presses get sent to the server as soon as your connection catches back up with the game, they arrive all at once, and it gets misinterpreted as spam.
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