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Ebonheart Group Finder -PvE/PvP guild [PS4/NA]

  • Jub
    I'll send you an invite as soon as i can!
  • Jub
    Still looking for members!
  • Evil_Rurouni
    How often does this guild run normal trials?

    I'm looking to run nMoL repeatedly to get a decent set of roar of alkosh, and I wouldn't object to doing the other trials regularly either.

    I might start running undaunted pledges again too if this group finder works as well as it aims to.
  • jizzsus
    Soul Shriven
    Please invite me too. Asian player from Singapore. Psn:jizzsus
  • alphacliff
    Soul Shriven
    Hey! I'd love to join, I'm a newish player currently level 21 nightblade working on getting to CP asap! Psn: RedViper_94
    Edited by alphacliff on October 12, 2016 5:15PM
  • Dirtydirt
    Hey please senD me a invite psn dirtydirt81. I am a dragon knight cp 70. Used to play on Xbox had a Templar cp 456
  • kaotiksoul2
    Hi I am a casual player just coming back to the game. I'm looking to relearn the old and learn the new features of the game. I have a lv 33 vamp sorcerer and I could use help on build ideas and getting better gear. I have a ton of mats and supplies since I generally deconstruct everything I wouldn't plan on wearing. Psn is kaotiksoul666 let me know if we could help each other out.
  • darnahan
    Soul Shriven
    Ironborn Legion currently covers both Elder Scrolls and Destiny, with members from all over North America and Europe.

    We are a casual guild, no drama allowed.

    We have an active chat group on Band for all players to enjoy, even if you don't have a mic.

    For invite, msg my Psn Maximumrob1982.

    Also request to join our Band community.
  • Bunndale
    If active, please add me, PSN = BUNNDALE
  • W002
    Hey, do you think I could join? I'm a 237CP DK Tank, but haven't tried vet dungeons or trials just yet. Enjoying ripping through Skyreach and normal dungeons, but definitely want to start vet, and eventually trials as well.

    My PSN is: SuperWyattBros
  • King_Thorgrim
    Soul Shriven
    My psn is xLegitXHoundx
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