Argonian Stam DK - build help for BGs

Hi guys,

need your help with a build that I am currently playing, but can not decide on the weapon.
I am currently with my Argonian Stam DK running 2H/1HS, 5 Heavy 2 Medium, 5xBone Pirate Tatters(neck+rings+2body) + 5xTavas Favor (3 Body + Sword/Shield) + Bloodspawn. The build itself is really fun!! (thx crusnik!)

Now I have 1 spot free which is my 2H weapon where I am currently running a rndm Sharpened 2H. But I do also have 2x Maelstrom 2Handers, one time with decisive and one time with charged.
Since I am not enjoying Maelstrom Arena so much I really can´t foresee that I would do farm runs to get a sharpened 2H.

So my question is, since my build is heavily related to ULT regeneration on the backbar, would it be really so bad to run the Maelstrom 2H decisive front bar? I mean for BGs I can´t make up for the loss of sharpened with CPs...But since the Tavas favor buff carries over to front bar, wouldnt this + the extra WD + the enchantment make up for the loss of sharpened?

Or you have any other ideas that could work?
  • Arthg

    Your ultimate generation is already more than enough as it is, and you'll be better off with another trait.
    It's fun to have your ults ready in no time, but timing them is also extremely important: too much ult gen can then be a bit of a waste.
    It's a matter of personal preference, of course, but over the past few weeks, I've considerably reduced my ult gen, and with the new patch I found myself not liking to rely on them too much for sustain.

    My two ¢.

    EDIT: what you could do is use the vMA decisive 2-hander, and try something other than Tava or Blood Spawn - you may end up liking it. It would require some field-testing, of course... :)
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  • iTs_2Funky4u
    Interesting, thanks for your input... I could actually remove Blood Spawn, go for 1 piece Kraghs (to get 2k penetration) and another piece. My Blood Spawn is anyway not in the perfect traits, but if I mix & match that might work.

    Also I was trying to do some math on above, but there are some expert in this forum who are better:

    2H Maelstrom mace: reduces physical resistance (20% of target?!)
    Kraghs: 1867 penetration
    Puncture: 5280 penetration (could use this one my sword/shield bar)

    and there is some base benetration I believe as well...

    Still though the question remains, is the extra ulti regen from decisive really worth it at all. Either way, I won´t add a proc set just to have success...
  • Arthg
    Forgot to say I only play in noCP open-world, so keep that in mind.

    IMHO (I insist!):

    * Stacking penetration for those omnipresent shield-stacking sorcs and squishy NBs is not that useful (I've tried one Krag'h, didn't like it)
    * A one-piece Blood Spawn for stam regen is extremely precious
    * It's up to you to find out whether decisive is worth it - you need to find that sweet spot you like - and quite frankly... Nothing beats field-testing :)
    * Playing without proc sets in open-world is hard-mode (I don't use proc sets either). By the sound of it, it's even harder mode in BGs :/

    PC/EU. NoCP PvP. sDK Orc IRL. Flawless tamperor. AR 41+. CP 900+. Pro scrub.

  • iTs_2Funky4u
    Yeah, guess you are right. Will play some matches BGs with different setups.
    I have to say that I have no problem with procblades in BGs since I run Heavy Armor, unless there are 3 jumping at you at the same time.

    Anyway, thx again for sharing your thoughts! May I ask what you are wearing open world non-cp on your "mostly harmless" stam DK? :)
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