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Healing needs to reward more points in Battlegrounds.

The following screenshot shows the ending scoreboard for a solo-queue'd game that I played, against what I'm fairly sure was one premade team (purple), and less-surely another one (red). Purple's healer made an enormous difference in his team's performance, yet his score was tied for 9th place, out of 12 players. If someone is putting out that close to 1 million healing for his team, he most certainly shouldn't be scoring so low.

'Course, this is just one screenshot from one game; there are plenty of games where I've personally had very high healing numbers, but not gotten very many points for it, and there are some other things that should probably award points as well (ie, being nearby when a teammate returns your relic, or defending your own team's relic, etc...)
  • Trashkan
    I agree 100% with this. It doesn't open the door for good 4 man teams like say one with a tank and a healer or 2 healers. Whatever the scenario is I think the team should be rewarded equally since they are all contributing. Or at least make winning something rewarding like some a.p or something. At this point it's hard to get a healer or a tank into bg' s because of this most dmg wins style of play that bg' s has created.
  • Jawasa
    I'm not sure I agree. This will just make playing a heal tank desirable in bg's. I'd go with desert rose pirate skeleton/trollking and impregnable full sturdy for example. Not very fun to fight. :/
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