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Trials guild

I am looking for a fairly active/ large trials guild. Currently I am 350 cp. I have only run normal hel ra once and normal maw 3 times. I'm looking for a guild that does normal trials and wouldn't mind having me in there from time to time. Eventually moving to vet when my cp is higher. By no means am I asking to be carried, I can hold my own. Have yet to die in maw actually lol. Name on ps4 NA is the_snype_type
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  • Zvorgin
    Legacy of the Undaunted is a guild that you may be interested in. We run trials Tuesday nights and are starting with normal trials. We've been running them Tuesday nights for the last month. Currently about 15 members but actively recruiting and our guild goals seem to align with yours, namely moving into regular Vet Trials. We use the Band app for communicating and coordinating guild events but only requirement is that it is adults only.

    Let me know if interested and I'll add you on PSN - TX_AG_08
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