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[PS4 NA Role-Playing HUB] Sleepy Sailor Inn

With the passing of every moment the light which at once flooded the world, casting all within Tamriel in brilliance, diminshes and fades as the day yields to the coming night. The road, of which you travel upon, becomes muttled and blurred as the shadows of darkness dance gaily and freely, impeding your sight. As you light your torch, you quickly realize the weariness which overtakes you and as though self aware, your body yearns for rest.


"Night isn't for traveling." You recall the words once spoken to you so many years ago and in doing so you yield to it's wisdom.
Ahead a rustic appearing building materializes from the darkness as you begin to approach it. It's an inn.


You scale the several cobbled steps which lead towards plain wooden doors: the entrance. Pushing aside one of the doors the mingling of the aromas of food and drink and the pungent scent of a hearthfire and lingering pipe smoke engulfs you. A warmth beckons you in.


"Welcome," begins an age-worn yet comforting voice, "Welcome to the Sleepy Sailor Inn. Come in and take shelter for the evening, if only for a moment." The voice beckons.

•Role-Playing HUB for the PS4 NA Server is at the Sleepy Sailor Inn within Koeglin located in Stormhaven.

•Text RP and Voice RP is welcomed.

•Feel free to participate within the Role-Play whether a curious newbie or a wizened narrator.

•Please be respectful of others.

•Come join us at the Sleepy Sailor Inn if you desire to role-play.

Questions or concerns feel free to contact me PSN: Jarnkoldur

-Keep the lanterns light lit
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"And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • jarnkoldur
    Through the miraculous passage of time the world completes another revolution and what we understood as today becomes yesterday, night turns to day and an evening of frivolous gaiety turns to morning sores and torment.

    Flea was awoken by a rather hostile Alice and a bucket of bitter water. "Wake up ye miscreant!" She began. "Wake up! Tis time to tend to Brumhilda, which apparently you forgot to do yesterday!"

    Thus it was, Flea found himself, out in the fields,just a little ways away from the sanctity of the inn, burdening sores throughout his form snd nursing a severe headache. "What," began Flea to himself, "Did Flea do to deserve this?" He asked outloud. Brumhilda looked at him with her neutral gaze and just replied, "Moo."


    Find RP at Koeglin Village | Stormhaven | PS4 NA Elder Scrolls Online

    Contact: PSN: Jarnkoldur
    For more information
    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
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