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Possible battlegrounds work around.

So I have been playing a lot of solo q lately and I have noticed a rather consistent pattern to the way the ready check comes and goes. There are many things I can't do in game while waiting for bg q. Group instances is a no no it does work on occasions but seems to bug my solo q up.

So here's the deal I would like some feedback as into how long after you q does the ready check pop up. Is it sometimes instant and other times it never comes at all? When it works is it always an instant ready check or within 20 seconds?

From what I noticed in my testing is when the ready check is next to instant you have a good match and your game should start within a min or so. Now with 4 man groups what i think is happening is 3 of the 4 members of the team are getting this ready checks. The 4th member gets one but it almost instantly disappears. This is a bad sign and if you don't leave the q you will be waiting for a long long time. This sucks but the whole group should confirm there ready check in chat. So try this out have your entire group confirm there ready checks if someone doesn't get or it goes away, break group reform and re q. Your ready check should be instant or within 30 seconds and your group should have formed within 2 min if this does not happen re q or reform and re q.
Edited by Trashkan on June 18, 2017 2:50PM
  • FloppyTouch
    Early mornings and very late nights works great with a pre made group maybe a 1-2 min wait as soon as 12pm-5pm EST it can take 10mins to 45 mins to get into a que. solo que at peak hours is maybe a 5 min wait but ur also against pre made groups at that time. So as a solo que at peak hours you get in faster but it's a hit or miss with the 2-4 man group you might get into against try hard 4 man group that waited 45 mins to slaughter you.

    We tried so many work arounds like picking all roles leaving que breaking apart group and rejoining. Even waiting a few secs before all hitting the confirm button doing it at same time trying it at different times. It just seems to be the hours of play time that we have issues.
    Edited by FloppyTouch on June 19, 2017 6:56AM
  • Trashkan
    It's crazy because I get in almost instant or within 2 min and I tend to see the same players over and over.
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