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All-in-one guild: The BloodMoon Clan searches for members (Werewolf guild, ranking, etc)


Hi everyone,

My name is VeenixO, creator of The BloodMoon Clan.
This guild is a werewolf guild that does trading, PvP, PvE and RP related things.

As this is a completely new guild, I am looking for members.

Here is some information about the guild and how everything works:

The ranks:

- Alpha Wolf: The leader of the pack.
- Beta Wolf: The second in command and takes the lead when the Alpha is not present.
- Sentinel Wolf: There are only four Sentinel Wolves. These are the advisors of the Alpha and Beta Wolves. If the Alpha and Beta are both offline, then the Sentinels will take command. They can only do things if atleast 2 sentinels agree with the decisions they make.
- Elder Wolf: The Elder Wolves are wolves who have been in the guild for a longer time and have been participating in multiple events (PvP, PvE or RP events). Everyone can become an Elder Wolf.
- Lead Warrior: The Lead Warrior is the leader of the Warriors. You can only become Lead Warrior by doing PvP events. This can be PvP fights or duels. Once there is a Lead Warrior, other Warriors can challenge this person to a duel. The winner will become the Lead Warrior.
- Warrior: The Warriors are people who mostly do PvP events.
- Master Hunter: The Master Hunter is the leader of the Hunters. Just like the Lead Warrior, there can only be 1 Master Hunter. You can become the Master Hunter by doing PvE events. If there already is a Master Hunter, then you can challenge this person to a duel to gain the rank.
- Hunter: The Hunters are people who mostly do PvE events.
- Omega: When you join the guild, you will start as an Omega. You don't really have a certain role.
- Human: Someone who still has to be bitten.

How does the guild work?

Well I wanted to do something different then most guilds. Next to ranking up by doing PvP or PvE events, you can also gain a rank by trading or doing RP. One of the cool things is that the events that happen in the RP can have a big impact in the overall story and ranking of the guild. A small example: in the RP one of the Sentinel Wolves has betrayed the others. This can lead to a new rank for the betrayer and someone else can become a Sentinel Wolf.
If you are not into RP, then you can offcourse to other things like PvE, PvP or just focus on trading. All of these things can give you a higher rank.

What is the goal of this guild?

The main goal is simply bringing all the werewolves together and helping/convincing other people to become a werewolf.
Many people still think that werewolves aren't good for anything except for RP maybe but that's not true. Werewolves are very powerfull and with the right use of it, it can be better then anything else in this game. A solo werewolf is already very powerfull but a group of werewolves is even stronger. They can stay much longer in werewolf form and do a lot more damage. They are real pack creatures so that is why I want to bring all the werewolves together. So we can all hunt together in PvP and PvE. Not only is this a lot fun but you will become almost invincible in a pack.
And to make all of this even more interesting, we have the RP, our own stories, our own lore.

Are there certain requirements to join the guild?

No, not at all. As long as you want to be a werewolf or already are a werewolf, you can join this guild. You don't even need to be a werewolf to join us. We can bite you so you don't have to search for the werewolf npc's and even better: our bites are free! No need to pay other people anymore for a bite!

How to join the guild?

Simple: just send me a message or a reply to this post and I will try to invite you as soon as possible.

Our website:

Also check the Priests Of Hircine:
their subreddit:
their discord:
(they help us a lot for free bites)

Thank you all for reading this! Hopefully we can have a lot of fun together!


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  • VeenixO
    Edited by VeenixO on May 28, 2017 6:19PM
  • raidergub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    you still looking for people?

    lvl 10 wolf @RaiderG
    Edited by raidergub17_ESO on June 16, 2017 2:19AM
  • VeenixO
    you still looking for people?

    lvl 10 wolf @RaiderG

    Yes I am :) everyone who wants to be or already is a werewolf can join us, we don't have a max number of members so :p
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