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Official Discussion Thread for "Meet the Character – Sun-in-Shadow"

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This is the official discussion thread for the Meet the Character – Sun-in-Shadow blog article.

Not all of the interesting characters you'll encounter ESO: Morrowind are Dark Elves. Learn more about one such figure in our latest Meet the Character, highlighting the talented Argonian slave known as Sun-in-Shadow.
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  • TonyRockaroni
    The Argonians are my favorite race, so this makes me happy. I recently did the questline she was involved in, and I gotta say that it was very well done! I may have found it more interesting than the main questline.

    I just hope there ends up being some sort of quest(s) to free the other Argonian slaves of House Telvanni. It makes me uncomfortable seeing my people in chains or cages. :(

    PS: Will Eoki's hair ever become available?! Never saw that hairstyle for an Argonian before and it's so awesome!
    Edited by TonyRockaroni on May 24, 2017 8:54PM
  • WallaceNine
    Soul Shriven
    Sun-In-Jar Jar Binks
    As I got closer to the end of the Sun-In-Shadow questline I couldn't help thinking...."Sun-In-Shadow is the Jar Jar Binks of Vvardenfell" She also kind of looks like Jar Jar.
    The situation is just ridiculous. Just because council members supported her promotions does not mean they were on her side.
    The only person protecting her was you and you could not do that because of being sent back and forth across the countryside fetching things like a good dog.
    Food from an enemy? Really? No consequences for her actions? Slaves killed for no good reason.
    This newly freed Argonian slave girl would have been brutally dismantled by Dark Elf mercenaries or just skewered by the house guard with nothing more that a sideways glance from a council member or the mouth of a council member. She would have been killed by any of those she lied to or decieved.
    She had no importance and was not profitable in the long run for anyone.
    If your goal was to make me feel something about a character or remember a story then you have achieved that goal. I have played all the missions that I could find in this game.
    I will remember this one as the story that made me hate and want to murder Sun-In-Jar Jar Binks.
    Edited by WallaceNine on June 15, 2017 5:20PM
  • Sigtric
    By the end of the quest line I wanted a push into the volcano option.

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  • starlizard70ub17_ESO
    After she duped me into enslaving those poor Khajiits, I was just played out the rest of the quest in hopes of getting her killed or enslaved.
    "We have found a cave, but I don't think there are warm fires and friendly faces inside."
  • Arkvoril
    I could have sworn that Sun-In-Shadows was yelling.......

    Run Forest Run......I mean Run Arkvoril Run.

    For real though I felt like I was running a 5k marathon with her quest.
    Sigtric wrote: »
    By the end of the quest line I wanted a push into the volcano option.

    Edited to add this Quote that is awesome and wish I had this option.
    Edited by Arkvoril on June 15, 2017 5:57PM

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