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My Animunculi

Soul Shriven
-Written by Bthubgar Mhanrynn, Tonal Architect apprentice-

It has come to attention I am one of few, if not the only, last remaining Dwemer. I have come to terms with this, and it grants me many benefits.
However I am lacking in Animunculi. Or Automaton's to the lesser races. One specifically has escaped me. The "Sphere".

I am forever beating myself up over the fact that I will never be able to get my hands on that subscriber only pet, as I was.... occupied.
Would it be possible to see a re-release of my Spherical friends? A new variation? One can never have enough.

-Bthubgar / @Undead_Medic
  • Rickter
    Yagrum Bagarn is also a living Dwemer. . . also thought to be the last. Don't let Divayth Fyr find you!!

    and the Dwarven Sphere non combat pet was awarded to players for loyally maintaining a subscription for the first year of beta develop- - er, i mean, first year of the game launch.

    It can now be obtained via RNG Crown Crates. May the Machine God bless you.
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