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[NA-AD] Blue Skooma Roleplay is Now Recruiting!

Soul Shriven
Blue Skooma Roleplay


"Roleplaying since launch, Blue Skooma Roleplayers is continuing it's search to welcome new members into our family! If a well established guild with friendly members, nightly tavern RP and an expansive story piques your interest, then take a look at and sign up today!."

Aldmeri Dominion - NA Server

About Us
Blue Skooma Roleplayers is a large and organized Roleplay Guild that aims to provide a place for any type of character to tell their story. We have hundreds of helpful & experienced members, awesome Roleplay storylines, and busy forums. We use our guildchat for OOC conversations, offer a Teamspeak server to use for whatever purposes you have, as well as an active website full of forum roleplay, contests, and conversation.

We do our best to ensure that Blue Skooma Roleplayers offers fluid roleplay. Fluid roleplay is non-scripted story arcs that allow every member to have an impact on how things play out. We want our guild to be a home for any type of character you can come up with, so we offer a lot in the way of titles, settings, and events to distinguish your character. We provide Guild Roleplaying events that alter the Guild Storyline. Those story-arcs are written by a group of Officers, but the outcomes are always defined as the event plays out. We want you all to play a part in the outcome of those events and allow the characters freedom to act as they want, as long as the rules of conduct are observed.

Our Officer Team works to maintain a positive environment and keep the drama where it belongs: in roleplay. They review applications, organize events and try to take care of the everyday work required of a major guild. You can also count on the weekly newsletter to keep you informed of In-Character and Out-Of-Character developments. All of our ranks are strictly OOC to promote a fluid roleplay environment.


BSR offers an evolving guild story, along side other events such as contests, Faction Events and nightly Tavern RP. Members themselves are also free (and encouraged) to create their own events, for their own storylines, and include others into their story ideas. We have an Officer Team always ready to moderate, help and guide members in their endeavors.

Apply Today!
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  • WildCat800
    Soul Shriven
    We have been super busy with many different types of events for members. The other week, an event happened every day except Sunday! If you are looking to join a faction (hunters, supernatural, mages, ect) event, story event, or just casual roleplay, check us out at!

  • WildCat800
    Soul Shriven
    Vulkwasten was recently hit with a strange disease that affected much of the community. Once the root of the problem was discovered with the help of local mages, Vulkwasten was once again safe, and most importantly, back in good health. After a relaxing week, a suspicious stranger came into town asking for help. There were many volunteers to help the stranger but they were soon horrified to find that half of the stranger’s face was rotted away! Once her face was revealed, she fled, leaving the volunteers very confused.
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