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Just for fun - how did your character learn to read?

  • Magykstorm
    Soul Shriven
    My character had a more tragic experience learning to read haha:

    Magic had always come naturally to Aieyla. Growing up in the rolling fields to the south of Skywatch, Auridon, she had spent much of her childhood roaming through fields of corn flowers, picking Lady's Smock and Columbine as she dashed between the trees. When she had been just 4 years of age, her father had taught her a basic set of magic which she could use to deter imps and wolves if they strayed too close;

    "A simple bolt of lightning, will frighten almost any creature you'll find in Auridon" he had said, with the typical whimsical smile lingering at the corner of his lips, "But if they become aggressive and charge, you can use other spells which will hold them in place so you can make your escape"

    "Should I not try kill them papa?"

    "No, Aieyla, never kill, only inhibit"

    As he began to show her the first movement of a spell known as the Dark Blast, an echoing boom resounded outside the front door of their home. He had leapt to his feet, and grasping a small lantern, ignited it with a click of his fingers and threw open the front door. Outside the door, it was pitch black, save for the flashes of lightning which illuminated the landscape, revealing a raging storm that had consumed the highlands of Auridon.

    "Come with me, but stay close behind"

    Together they ventured out into the night towards the crest of the hill which was lit up by the strikes of lightning. Aieyla glanced around herself in fear, letting her small peregrine eyes analyse the landscape for any threats or foes. In her head, the ancient words for lightning ran over and over so that should something leap out, she was prepared to stop them. Suddenly her father leapt forward and ran down the hill to where a sizzling creature could be seen flickering at the bottom, under a great maple tree. Aieyla followed his lead and ran down the hill. She could barely hear the conversation they were having until she reached the bottom of the hill,

    " -attacked after showing them I'm just a book merchant"

    "Just stay calm sir, I'll try heal you"

    "There's a book over there, you can use it, is has... healing.."

    "Aieyla, quickly grab that book over there"

    Her father pointed towards a book which appeared to be made of solid gold and which glowed faintly in the night. She ran over and scooped it off the ground, before carrying it back over. She had never cared for books, having grown up with just her father. She passed it over to him and watched as he fleetingly flicked through the pages.

    "Curse this thing.. I should've practiced reading more"

    Suddenly he found a page which glowed a bright yellow, and just as he began to read, an arrow soared through the air and planted itself in the back of his head. Aieyla screamed loudly as her father fell to the ground, as the book tumbled from his hands and landed onto the merchant. It exploded with light, but Aieyla could scarcely see it over the tears pooling in her eyes. She flipped her father over as best she could and stared at his lifeless eyes; the only light in them stemming from the lightning in the sky above. She felt a great rage surge in her as she slowly stood up and turned to look towards where the arrow had come from.

    "Well, well, well, a little half-elfling" said a voice from the shadows. Coupled with dulcet laughter, a group of four Orcs stepped forward into the light.

    "C'mon, let's just kill her; no witnesses, no crime right?"

    They all chuckled in unison as Aieyla began to mutter under her breath, and then as they charged, she looked up at them, her eyes filled with hate as a tremendous bolt of lightning fell from the sky and obliterated them in a blast. She was thrown back from the explosion and the world fell black to her.

    Aieyla woke up heavily, her head swirling as she stared up at the ceiling above her. It was unfamiliar, being made of wood and woven flax. Following the trail of the wall, she glanced around the room, spying piles of books lying everywhere she could see.

    "Hello?" She called out as she sat up slowly, feeling bandages woven around her head.

    "Well hello there" Came an unfamiliar voice, "It appears you are now awake"

    She glanced over towards what seemed to be a kitchen where she spied the merchant man, that her father had attempted to rescue. Her father! She began breathing quickly and glancing around the room.

    "Papa? Papa! Where are you?"

    "I'm sorry my friend" The small man said timidly, as he walked across the room towards her, "But he is no longer with us"

    Aieyla slowly began to weep into her hands as she sat in the bed, until a small ginger cat leapt onto the bed and curled up in her arms weeping with her. For what felt like hours, she sat there holding the cat and crying, until she could finally cry no more.

    "Perhaps I could alleviate your pain with a story?" The small man said as he pulled up a stool and a collection of books.

    "I'm not sure" Aieyla said softly, her voice hoarse from tears, "I have never really had stories"

    "Well I usually find that there is never, and always a good time to start"

    He licked his thumb and turned the first page of the book over.

    "There once lived a Queen, who was fairest in the land" He began, and continued to read long into the night, for many years to come.

    Duchess Aieyla Hylesia of Grahtwood
    Prime Mystic and Celestial Guardian of Greenshade
    Court Wizard of Malabal Tor
  • Lynx7386
    He joined the mages guild, where after much work and study, invented the "translate: illiterate" spell.
    PS4 / NA
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  • Solace of Shadows
    I was a Bosmer child adopted by Breton book sellers.
    Solace In Shadows is my name in the realm of Tamriel. If you disagree with my words or disparage my sentiments, then face me on the battlefield and you can kiss my axe.
  • max_only
    Belacqua made it his mission to record the tenets of the Green Pact and the teachings of the Spinners. His parents taught him to read and write and he learned tidbits of other languages on his missionary work. He was apprenticed under a series of scholars but then bad luck, racism and the worm cult happened...

    O'risen was taught to read from the sacred text of the cult he grew up in. He was sold to an ambitious Breton lord as a political decoy/doppelgänger and he learned more there while pretending to be a) a human child and b) a rightful heir. He worked for this Breton family for years as a "hidden blade" so books were plentiful. The schemes and debts of the lord's sons when they took over the estate saw O'risen running afoul of the worm cult....

    Nikola was a soldier in the Imperial legion. He learned to read with other orphan teens that the army "raised" as officers' valets and future infantry. So basically, a military academy for the unfortunates to improve themselves and serve their country. How he went from honorable service to "opportunist" to tangling with the worm cult is a different story.

    Sebastien is child of Daggerfall. Priests, monks, missionaries, mages etc are always trying to form up schools and teach the Word to any who will listen. So he went to school.... or at least went to enough important lessons so his parents never found out about his extracurricular activities ;).
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    I went to school at winterhold. I kind of taught myself, because the teacher was always drunk on mead, and showing us how to properly cut a sweet roll.
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