Looking for 2 players to form steady 4 man group

Myself and my brother are looking for 2 people who have the same availability as us to create a steady four man group.

The Ideas is to build a solid group for running all 4 man content to a high level including Veteran Dragon Star Arena.

We have our own Voice com server and play generally mon - thursday from 9-am till we finish

and fri - sun at about 6pm - we finish.

This is an unusual time frame which is why I am putting it up here in the hopes that others may be looking for something along these lines.

We enjoy the game but mostly enjoy running group content and want to build a good strong team capable or overcoming anything.

We are 2 Irish lads so there is plenty of banter and Craic to be had running with us.

Contact @Ulic3190 in game if interested.
  • Eveie
    Hey guys are you looking max level toons or just starting out a new toon in morrowind.
    My high toons are on the N/A server but i made a new character on EU a warden.
    Belfast N/Ireland.
  • Nervani
    Hey guys.
    I might be interested in joining you.
    I can normaly be online between 8am-17pm CET (swede) mon-fri. Weekends are my gf home so it depends on other activities whether I can be online or not.

    Have CP562 toons along with some lower level ones.
    I mostly dps but can heal aswell B)
  • ulic3190b16_ESO
    Sorry I should also add that I am 630+CP and my brother is over 500 CP

    I have the following fully geared...
    DK Tank,
    Templar Heal,
    Warden Heal,
    Pet Sorc,
    Stam Sorc
    Mag DK,
    Mag NB.

    My Brother has fully geared...
    Dk Tank,
    Templar Heal,
    Pet Sorc

    So we can fit with pretty much anyone and can run multiple times on diff characters if needed.
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