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Armor/Weapon preview option

Hopefully this is something already on the books to implement in game. People have requested it since launch, posting countless threads and discussing it in game all the time.

With the Homestead launch came the option to preview furniture we can craft. Why not add one in for each armor piece and weapons? Some of the style materials are quite rare, expensive or not even obtainable in game; Stahlrim Shards needing to be obtained by mimic gems from the crown store.

Granted most people wear dropped gear now. Crafted gear is almost phased out due to most of the sets not being on par with drop sets. However with how expensive some styles can be to craft, a preview option is past due.

Please consider, many people would be grateful.
  • Psilent
    Yes, a million times yes. Preview option for gear would be amazing. Especially since deconning doesn't guarantee you'll get the style material back 100% of the time.

    Also, a way to create my own costumes in game to make my own custom look would be very welcome indeed.

    Please ZOS!
    Edited by Psilent on May 31, 2017 12:26PM
  • Vapirko
    You can add this to wpn dyes, transmog for armor, housing storage, and the many other simple things that would make the game more fun to play and that would have zero impact on gameplay, that ZOS refuses to do or drags their feet on because they haven't figured out how to make it cost money yet.
  • DisgracefulMind
    I would REALLY like to see this implemented in the game. The price of mats, style materials, and not to mention motifs themselves make it frustrating to not be able to preview what a piece of armor will look like. Having a similar system to the furniture crafting preview would be amazing and really appreciated by players.
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