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LF a small PvX Guild/Casual/Social/ Low Level.

Hello All ,I have recently come back to ESO as i love low level roaming gank teams in pvp.
Most of my high level characters are on the N/A server but ive rolled a warden for morrowind on Eu.
Ive been in most high end pvp guilds back in the day Primal Instinct /Mostly Harmless.
Now im just looking to take it easy and enjoy the ride.
Any more info required just drop me a pm.
Regards Eveie.
  • Jiandao
    Hi Eveie,

    You might be interested in The Sewerjacks. We are a newly formed small guild with a leaning towards small scale PvP. Although still small, we are active and have a mix of new and veteran players alike.

    We mostly play AD on Vivec, but as the guild grows we will also play on other factions more often as well as Sotha Sil etc. We also hope to start putting a BG team together soon. I personally play on all three factions.

    PvP will be our main focus, but we will of course be still doing vet and normal dungeons etc too.

    We have our own TS channel, website and housing.

    Take a look at our recruitment thread and if you're interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact either myself (@Kodora79) or my officer (@Beithe13) via in game mail or whisper. I'm working during the day tomorrow, but shall be on in the evening.

    Good hunting.
  • Eveie
    Thanx for reply but ihave now found a nice guild .
    Regards Eveie.
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