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Is there a problem with the use of DSS (DirectDraw Surface) files in add-ons

In the past month I noticed that one add-on after the other stopped displaying icons on macOS. While the game itself is not affected. Talking to other players it is clear that on Windows the add-ons work fine.

I tried to investigate and find out what could be problem. Doing so I noticed that icons are stored in DDS files. DSS (DirectDraw Surface) is a Microsoft prohibitory format format for storing textures and on Microsoft Windows DDS support is build into Direct X.

First I thought that macOS might not be able to load DDS file. But this is not true. The QuestMap add-on has two icon sets. One set that works and one that does not. The sets are defined like this:

Quest Map
by CaptainBlagbird


QuestMap.iconSets = {
    QuestMap = {"QuestMap/icons/", "QuestMap/icons/"},
    ESO = {"/esoui/art/floatingmarkers/", "/esoui/art/icons/"},

From what I can see one set is provided by the add-on the other by the ESO itself. The one provided by ESO works fine. I have been looking for the files mentioned but could not find them anywhere. (Side Question: Is there a list of provided DDS file anywhere?)

Question: is there a problem with the use of DSS (DirectDraw Surface) files in add-ons? Could it be that the macOS library loading DDS files is outdated, reduced in functionality or just buggy? Or is it something entirely different I have not thought of?
  • Atlan_daGonozal
    Quest Map settings. Note the missing icons beside the icon set drop down:


    Quest Map map view. Note that no quest marker are shown.


    Quest Map settings. Note the two pre-view icons.


    Quest Map map view. Note that the map is full of quest marker.

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