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Morrowind Update for Roleplayers (good and bad)

The good:
autocomplete emote commands.
Finally a nature class!

The bad:
not being able to get into the shipwreck with your main.
Silt strikers are automatic cut scenes instead of partially animated (i suggest they show the character sitting inside before cutting to black)

Add yours!

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  • Eporem
    My dilemma seems to be in trying to explain to myself when playing a Warden character that is not Dunmer in race how they know or why they can only summon cliffracers, bullnetchs and shalks especially since they have not travelled to Stonefalls or Vvardenfell, and maynot know of these creatures. The only thing I can come up with is that a Dunmer Mage versed in nature majic has travelled about teaching this to others so I am hoping others will share their perspectives on how and why as well.

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