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Cant find my ESO Launcher

One week ago i moved my ESO folder from D disc to C disc. My launcher icon on desktop stopped working as it always happens when you change discs. After that i couldnt find launcher on ESO folder which located in C disc. But i started using eso64.exe for game, it opens the game but not launcher.

So when patch or update comes, i cant open my game. It says you should run client for updates but i cant find where launcher is. I also dont have any space on my C disc, i couldnt install launcher only, it requires 87GB space. What to do?
  • bennysbeastb16_ESO2
    the eso.exe is located
    \Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client

    the launcher is named Bethesda.net_Launcher
    \Zenimax Online\Launcher

    If you found the game exe then go back 3 folders - and the launcher folder should be there

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  • Typeous
    Sorry for upping** this post but Bethesda.net_Launcher wont work for me. It stuck on loading page and it gives error.
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