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LF friendly guild

Hey! o/

I'm looking for guilds! I love mmorpgs and I know how much a good guild can boost the mmorpg experience. I've been a member, officer, leader (officer/GM even)... seen all that stuff. I'm not looking for any specific role of those, I'm just looking for a guild that has a very good atmosphere. Doesn't have to be small or large, size can be anything.

About myself: I'm enthusiastic gamer who sits many hours per day on computer. I love helping people, probably the reason why I've volunteered to be officer/GM. I'm especially good in trading (even in ESO) (but your guild doesn't have to be trading guild). I have 7x lvl50 chars on my roster and I think 8th is coming and ofc I gotta have Warden when that appears so it's going to be 9th. I came back to ESO from Black Desert and I think for good now since it's just horror grind fest in BDO. I play specially ESO at evening and night so that's the best time to reach me.

Now I've put myself out here and I hope it reaches the right people. I have all 5 guild spots to fill and hopefully I can fill 2-3 of them, 5 might be too much to be focused on. Whisper me ingame or add me as friend and we talk more! My contact is just below.

  • Malbec_Sonvida
    Hi there.

    Check our advert here

    You can also have a nose at our website, link is in my sig.

    We are casual and quite laid back but we have members from low level up to CP 160 and rising.

    We also chat a lot in our Discord server while not in game.

    Malbec-Sonvida - Sorcerer
    Malbec-Donapaula - Dragon Knight
  • Artio
    Hey there my friend,

    If you looking for a big community then TAW is the place for you, we have a small amount of members for ESO, but overall TAW as more than 2500 members in over 30 games. We have a lot of members that play MMO's!

    Here's a link to our website: Here

    or you can email me at: [email protected]

    We also have a large teamspeak that you can browse around to talk to people and a age range from 15 to over 60's in our community!

    Hope to talk to you soon!
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