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Hoping for guidance for role playing in-game

Soul Shriven
Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I have an idea for an alt character that I want to create. I have her name, race, class, look, and a basic premise of her story already planned and I want to create her mainly for role playing in game. I have only been playing ESO for a few months now and it is my first MMO. I have a lot of experience with role playing- multi-para and novella progressive story rp and forum rp where I have played many different fictional and original characters. Having never role played in a game and not knowing that much about Elder Scrolls lore, I am just curious how I would go about role playing in the game. I hope this question isn't too broad. Would I need to be in a role-playing guild? Would I just roam around the world and hope to run into people role-playing? How much lore do I need to be familiar with to start off with. I imagine I would learn a lot more over time. Oh, my character will be a Breton Dragonknight, so a part of the DC. For a total beginner, as far as this is concerned, does anyone have any advice they would be willing to share? Thank you so so much!!
"There is no world, new or old, not founded on bones and blood." ~Mary Sibley, "Salem"
PC/NA server
Ask me for my character's backstory!!
  • MAEK
    I would recommend reading books that you come across and maybe some reading in the uesp if you're interested.

    There's also some awesome videos on lore on shoddycast.

    You should also know about the divines, the gods of the imperials. The different cultures all have pretty much the same gods (with some variations) but the divenes would be a good place to start.
    The daedra are also a good thing to know about, as they interact with mortals rather frequently.

    Good luck to you!
    Edited by MAEK on February 5, 2017 11:39AM
  • Mivryna
    An RP guild is definitely the best place to coordinate. Since ESO doesn't have any dedicated RP servers, walk-up RP is tricky to find. Many guilds also host events from time to time. Casual walk-up RP can often be found in certain taverns, though.

    As MAEK mentioned, you should familiarize yourself with the Eight Divines of the Imperial pantheon, as well as the differences between Aedra and Daedra. Bretons are pretty simple and straightforward, so you wouldn't have to learn much to play one properly. Just read up a bit on the Bretons and their province of High Rock.

    Welcome to ESO!
    Edited by Mivryna on February 5, 2017 3:21PM
  • rtaylor63
    Hey I'm new here as well to eso and what helps me when trying to rp is that I do research on the lore of elder scrolls. There are plenty of websites around that have a detailed history of the elder scrolls and the stories that revolve around them. I hope this helps.
  • jockjammerb16_ESO
    RP guilds are a great thing so maybe look for one. Like people above mentioned look for open RP in taverns or pretty much anywhere. You can recognize some RPers by things they wear or do. A Player dressed in normal clothing raking the lawn in front of their house or drinking in a tavern is a dead give away. Also for new roleplayers please take the Mary Sue test. Trust me on this. you might think you have a great idea and guess what,...It's not.
    As already said study up on Elder scrolls lore. at least the parts that concern your characters.
    The rest will come with time. have fun. See you int the ver....oops, See you in Tamriel. ;)
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