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Khajiit is Instagramer

Soul Shriven

This one has recently taken the marvellous adventurer path in Tamriel, and has found that this world is just beautiful. So many delicated flowers, pristine lakes, gorgeous mountains and astonishing constructions. This one thinks that everyone, even those who cannot go out and see the world by themselves, should be able to witness this wonders. Therefore, khajiit has become an Instagramer. He will try his best and capture the most magic moments of his adventures, and share them with the world, daily.

This one humbly wishes to present here a sample, and if liked, he invites anyone to visit his gallery. Raaziq hearty hopes the pictures are pleasant to your sight.

Anyone can find the complete gallery, with daily updates, in the "kirlyanval" instagram profile. Khajiit apologizes for the descriptions being in Spanish, if many start to like the gallery, he has no problem in translating it to the common word.

  • Druachan
    Very cool, love these
    Say please, before you AAAAAaaaarrrgghhh at me.
  • Montayva
    Beautiful shots. I really like the shot of the base in Cyrodiil. Looks almost peaceful!
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  • alephthiago
    Good job op, loved it.
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