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Quest Bug in Shadowfen

in shadowfen delve Gandranen Ruins there is a quest given by NPC called Zahra, on the last part of the quest "Riches Beyond Measures": talk to Zahra
Zahra will be invisible( cannot interact with or see) current fix is relogging to game.

  • Enodoc
    That's a general intermittent bug (and fix process), probably not specific to that quest. Sometimes quest NPCs will go missing for no good reason.
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  • crayolamanic
    Soul Shriven
    Nope, this one is specific to this quest. Confirmed myself, and a quick Google will do the same. Relogging DOES fix it.
  • Waseem
    Until today they still havent fixed that bug? Thats decent
    PC EU

  • NeKryXe
    i remember that this was already bugged in 2014. i just did this today with a new char and looks like we still need to relog to be able to reach Zahra :D
  • hfwilliams1ub17_ESO
    Just happened 3/27/2017. re-logging worked. remember this happening to other characters over the years. Someone needs to fix it.
  • TruthSeeker
    Still true 23/04/17. Annoying waste of time. Had to go round the delve 3 times :(. I took the relogging advice after the second failure but I was loaded outside the delve :(((
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