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Server crashed? PS4

Did the server crashed? I can't login and a friend can't either.
  • Cêltic421
    Can't gather announcements and when trying to load to character select it eventually tells me Login failed. Connection to the server timed out. Please try again later.
  • kylewwefan
    Same here
    PlayStation NA
    1000+ CP
    DC Khajit NB Stormproof Flawless Conqueror
    DC Argonian Templar Stormproof Flawless Conqueror
    DC Dark Elf Sorc Stormproof
    DC High Elf NB Stormproof
    DC Dark Elf DK Stormproof
    AD Redguard DK Stormproof Flawless Conqueror
    DC Orc Warden Stormproof Flawless Conqueror
    DC Breton Warden Stormproof Flawless Conqueror
    DC Redguard Sorc Stormproof
    DC Redguard Templar Stormproof Flawless Conqueror

    PlayStation EU
    258 CP
    DC Orc Warden Stormproof
  • Wtsv
    Soul Shriven
    Same problem.
  • Cêltic421
    Looking at forums it looks like it did crash and not only PS4 but PC as well
  • atyre88
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah crashed for me as well
  • Cêltic421
    It's back up online! For me anyhow. Now to run Mazzatun all over lol. Damn motifs farmin
  • TrinityDivine
    It's back.
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