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Account suspended

Soul Shriven
I bought eso for a friend a while ago, She forgot her password. so i tried to log in with the password i tought it was.. Because we logged in on the same time, the account got suspended.
I have been trying to get her account back.. By mailing the support.. They sent me a message that they think her account was compromised.. ( Good assumption if it wouldnt have been me.).
The problem is.. when i respond from her email address to the mail. i get a message that this email address is not connected to a valid account.. So i ended up into a loop with the support:

- mail for suspension
- answer
- answer that account is not valid......

So i have no idea what the next step would be to get her account back.
  • Glamdring
    Tell your "friend" shes ***
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    It's possible they suspended the account for security reasons. I know CCP Game ban accounts if it looks like they're being hacked/brute forced in order to protect them, then contact the owner.

    Hopefully someone from ZOS will see this and be able to help.
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  • dumbasss
    Soul Shriven
    Yep.. They informed us that it looks like it being hacked.. THey had contact with her.. But once she replies to the email she gets an auto reply that her email adres is not valid.
  • Tandor
    Are you sure you didn't transfer or share your account with your friend? If you bought her the game as a gift and she created the account how would you be in a position to think you knew the password (as well as knowing the username presumably)? Transferring and sharing accounts aren't permitted. It sounds like ZOS took the same view that it all sounded pretty dodgy and put a lock on the account.

    If that isn't the case, then whoever owns the account will need to submit a ticket with proof of ownership of the account and take it from there.
    Edited by Tandor on April 2, 2017 5:16PM
  • dumbasss
    Soul Shriven
    I knew her account details, because she is my girlfriend.. I just tried to help there.. but it was a terrible mistake.. And like i explained before.. they say they think it was hacked.. when she answers from her email address.. they just answer that this email andress is not connected to the email adress. so i am looking for a way to get actual contact, instead of this ping pong without end..
  • helediron
    Are you using shared mail client? Be sure when sending an email to ZOS that the FROM address is the same that was used when account was created.
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  • dumbasss
    Soul Shriven
    No we are not.. she is just logging through her webmail, so am i.
  • lientier
    you should probably edit your title.. it doesnt really describe the problem you have..
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  • DHale
    You cannot help someone with thier account. They have to do it. I could not even help my wife out with her account.
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