New party

Soul Shriven
Hi I'm fairly new only level 16 but I'd like to get a party or group going to take on those dungeons and GB.
  • Seamonkey001
    What platform?
    XBox Live GamerTag: Sea Monkey 001
    Main Character: Kelach, High Elf, Sorcerer, Level CP 275
    Guild: Fathers of The Dominion

    Twitch: SeaMonkey001
  • Rahdintimelord
    I am not a new player , but am always starting new characters! I have new guild and a discord channel that can chat while playing , we do quests and dungeons , etc.. and I do some pvp if that interests you! I am a Crafter, so can help with that. if interested, @Rahdintimelord
  • Nocturaglencoe
    Soul Shriven
    You're welcome to join us if you're on Xbox EU. Gamertag is oOWintersEnd
    Xbox One EU Server
    Gamertag: oOWintersEnd
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