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Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun, Hard Mode Tips

To be updated.

Edited by Draqone on May 13, 2017 6:46PM
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  • WarpigFunk
    step 1. bring sorcs
    step 2. slot negate

    profit. :P
    PS4 [NA]
    Hingle McKringleberry - Altmer MagSorc DD The Flawless Conquerer
    Sek Sual Chocolate - Redguard StamSorc DD Stormproof
    Doktor Feelgood - Breton Templar Healz Boethia's Scythe
    Tiberius Asskickatron - Imperial DK StamTank Mageslayer
    vAAHM 100k+, vSOHM 100k+, vHRCHM 100k+, vMoL 78k, vDSA 36k, vMA 535k
  • DHale
    Come June 6 th skip the Templar and repentace will be rip. Otherwise great advise.
    Sorcerna, proud beta sorc.
    RIP April 2014 to May 31 2016 DArk Brotherhood. Out of retirement for negates and encases.
    Sorcerna will be going back into retirement to be my main crafter Fall 2018. Beacuse a 8 k shield is f ing useless.
    Died because of baddies on the forum. Too much qq too little pew pew.
    16 AD 2 DC. 0 EP cause they bad, CP 1600 plus 16 level 50 toons.
    NA, PC, Grey Host
    #SORCLIVESMATTER actually they don’t or they wouldn’t keep getting nerfed constantly.
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